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Welcome to our visitors from Russian Federation and thanks for visiting the Gooners Guide to Gambling on your Windows 7 device. We've got Bookmaker reviews and ratings over there on the right, while the Free Sports Bets are now underneath, while the Casino Reviews online gambling reddit Poker Reviews are further down the page.

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Just want to get to picks for YOUR club quickly? Try these pages for: See the latest scores for: Paddy Power offers automatic payouts when teams go two goals ahead! Countries that are excluded from betting at BetVictor are PinnacleSports withdraw from Slovenia. Com see more live odds on upcoming football games. Who is the best bookmaker for you? Read my Best Bookmaker page.

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We play test and review over online casino properties quarterly four times a yearcheck the licenses, test the withdrawals and deposit systems, review player feedback Then we sit down and work out the best places to bet online according to our players and recommend the top EIGHT casinos as the best place online gambling reddit play.

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Then try some of these sites. I use them every week: Bundesliga season in Germany this season - who online gambling reddit manage to fight their way into the top division next season? Bundesliga Union Berlin vs St. Pauli Niko German 2. Can anyone challenge the Bavarian superclub this season? Do YOU want to follow your sports bet? Or see if it's already won? Free secure deposits, same day payout. Who else does that? Want to play with live dealers not against random numbers? Play on your desktop, on your tablet, or on your mobile phone.

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I source lost it all in about 60 seconds. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. The overwhelming majority of your responses have been very supportive, and I feel that I got a lot of perspective. I am in tears right now, because in my self-loathing state I really did not expect so much online gambling reddit feedback. I need to come clean to my fiancee, because that is the one variable that I can control.

This is a story of luck, hope, greed, despair, stupidity. Over the past 10 days Check this out have gone one a rollercoaster ride of the full spectrum of human emotion.

I am trying to live down what happened, and maybe this Online gambling reddit will help me. I feel this can work both ways too, and I am grateful for any advice I receive. Hopefully also it will help you! I say that I hope my story will help you and I really mean that any of you, because let me start off by saying that I am not a gambler, and I have never even exhibited gambling tendencies before.

I am a risktaker and I enjoy new experiences, but I have always considered myself responsible and I have a sound understanding online gambling reddit the maths behind gambling. I know that the house always wins. But after what happened to me, how quickly I got sucked in, how much money I made, and how it all ended just days later, I honestly do not feel that I was fully in control of my actions.

If it happened to me, it can online gambling reddit to you too, and I sincerely hope that after reading this, it never will.

Let me give some more specific details, so that you have a more complete picture. I will fill in the rest in online gambling reddit to your questions. So this is online gambling reddit much my story. I meant for this to be short, but I now I'm almost at the word limit. I hope there is still room for questions! I realize that go here are a lot of people who will say online gambling reddit I had it coming, and I fully accept that.

The truth is that I am a bad person, and it was not even some conflict online gambling reddit good and online gambling reddit, this was just all bad. I lose as a human being, and I deserve nothing but the worst of what life has to offer me in the future. And if I sound incongruently cheerful, it's probably because the gravity online gambling reddit the situation has not fully sunk in yet. Trust me, I am not cheerful.

I have literally lost everything, I am suicidal, and there is literally no silver lining here. So please reserve your judgment; I will be judged to the fullest extent over however long a time I have left to live.

That morning, the crash began. I foresaw the crash, but like most speculators, I did not online gambling reddit where the top was going to be. Online gambling reddit the main Bitcoin exchange was lagged so badly that my order online gambling reddit not go through. Not being able online gambling reddit sell, I got greedy and decided to "top up" one more time with roulette.

I felt justified in this somehow because it was Mt. Gox's fault that I could not cash out my ridiculous profits. I bet on red. What followed was a run of about 20 occurences of black 5. Http://vagabonds.info/guaranteed-winning-online-roulette.php must http://vagabonds.info/best-german-online-casino.php been two reds in between the stream of blacks.

After hitting the max bet I just kept hitting red, and it kept turning black. Once you hit the max bet, the martingale essentially turns into a random walk.

So a single red does not save you. Instead you rely on more red than blacks, within a certain safety online gambling reddit. I failed both the martingale and the random walk. After the crash died down, I immediately bought in BTC to make up the losses. I kept betting red, and hit another run of about black 5.

I figured if I can just double up, then I can at least make up for the previous bullet point, if not the one before that.

I kept betting on red, as a matter of stubborn principle surely not again. And I swear you could not make this shit up: I lost it all. Scraping a small profit is very easy and fun. I guess I just wanted to impress my fiancee and her friends. The problem with Blackjack is that the house edge is calculated by considering a large number of hands with the same starting bet.

So the luck further compounded by variance of the bet amount with respect to the starting hand. In roulette the house edge is worse, the but game is a lot more homogeneous. If your luck sucks you might hit it a few times. The probability of 10 blacks is just under 0. So if you hit one of the above, then only count is 1 in 10 times.

Your luck has got online gambling reddit really suck to hit that more than once. The probability of an initial run of 12 black is around 0.

The probability of 20 black is about 0. Disregarding the 2 reds, since I hit the max limit, so not really a fair account, but still. This is almost impossible. I have not sought anything at this point.

I don't have any money left, so I don't see how Gamblers Anonymous will help me right now. The main point of mentioning Bitcoin was to explain how I got from almost nothing to such a huge number. It was not just luck, but online gambling reddit the insane growth of Bitcoin since April 1. Second, I just wanted to paint the complete picture and provide proof, so that people understand and can believe the story. Finally, I imagine that gambling with Bitcoin is different to gambling on any other website.

The immediacy of it makes it very dangerous. No deposite, no wire transfers. Literally, from having the funds on Mt. Gox to being completely bankrupt took less than 3 minutes. Withdrawals are instant and everything is irreversible. Definitely a feature of Bitcoin, but one that makes such situations much easier. But someday, all this will pass. And then, unless you have made some very basic changes, you'll go through it all again. Well, your fiancee may feel that you are taking the appropriate steps to deal with your problem while taking responsibility online gambling reddit your actions.

I hope it is free, the people that need it the most are going to be the people that gambled everything away! In all seriousness though, I hope OP is ok and can pull through this. A hard life lesson to learn, but it may make him a better person in the long run. I don't know how to help you realize that suicide is not the response here. Maybe google people who have it worse or something?

Yes, this is bad. But you will figure it out. Work in a coffee shop if you have to! The response below by Balthanos is key. For all you know, she will be there every step of the way. You are still thinking as a gambler.

No one click help you as such, but your University should have some online gambling reddit counselling for you. It is the worst game of all. The house will take most http://vagabonds.info/20-dollar-roulette-strategy.php you in this game. There is no system that you can do to beat.

It is random luck, and even if you have a system, all you do is lose slower. Now on the positive side. You can always clean up, and start fresh. But for the love of whatever You will never see the money again So stop lying and get to work. You can do this. Saying that 10 or 20 blacks in есть free online keno slot machines Кэти row is astronomically low probability is like saying "I online gambling reddit have won", but you know the overall odds favour the casino.

The longer you play, the greater chance of "an improbable event" occuring.

Legendarylea $10.000 10k BET online gambling with real money

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