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There was some truly spectacular crap being pitched on TV in the s: One time, in my sleep-deprived stupor, I was nearly convinced to phone online casino scams roulette my order for the Cash Flow Generator. Then there was Matthew Lesko, the online casino scams roulette who jumped around in a hideous question-mark-covered suit, babbling about how to get free products and money from the federal government.

My favorite Vu quote: Also keeping online casino scams roulette entertained during those long sleepless nights: And online casino scams roulette could forget the boyish-looking Don Lapree, who preached the gospel of classified ads and numbers—and how you could start building your own financial empire today.

Nowadays, when plagued with insomnia, I surf the Internet instead of channels. Cyberspace has really opened the floodgates for a new generation of snake oil salesmen. Some of these charlatans are targeting you—the slot machine player. Make the casino your personal money machine! Obviously, I had to continue reading.

A guaranteed way to clean out the slots? A crowbar, a ski mask and a good pair of running shoes? As it turned out, he was selling a downloadable e-book. The online casino scams roulette copy contained a long list of bullet points, including: OK, wait a minute, I thought, taking my hand off my mouse.

At this point, I knew the bullet points were basically just running down the most popular slot machine myths. Would you share this information with some random customer who may or may not slip you a couple of dollars? Or, would you be on the phone to your significant other, telling him to get his butt over to the casino ASAP and jump on that machine?

This was another classic example of slot fiction. It reminded me of a conversation I had with some guy in a bar when I was back East over the Christmas holidays. He overheard me mention that I was from Las Vegas, so we got online casino scams roulette http://vagabonds.info/best-deposit-bonuses.php discussion on gambling.

He began to lecture me about how to win money at the two Indian megacasinos in Connecticut, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. He had a bizarre conspiracy theory about how the casinos had formed some sort of secret pact: The slots at Foxwoods were programmed to pay out on Thursdays and Fridays, and the slots at Mohegan gave up online casino scams roulette money on Wednesdays and Sundays, or something like that.

The idea being, people will be drawn into the casino when they see all the giddy customers winning jackpots. And no casino—or casino employee—knows when those jackpots are going to hit. All major credit cards accepted. But it does beg the question: Can there be any validity to a system that promises to make you a winning slot player over the long run? For an expert opinion, I turned to John Grochowski, a syndicated gaming columnist, online casino scams roulette and radio host.

But when players started to take advantage of such games to collect bonuses that had been built by others, manufacturers adapted quickly. Advanced blackjack and video poker players use strategies to bolster their odds of winning. Learning optimal video poker strategy does improve your results. Systems players sometimes have success once or twice and think they have something.

But, with repeated play, they all wind up losing money. A complete guide to entertainment from casinos nationwide. When it comes to gambling, do you stay put or shop around? Do you prefer to go to the same casino s time and time again or do you prefer to spread your play around and visit many casinos for the first time?

They know that, while they may win from time to time, in the long run the house has got you beat. But there is another way to make money from the slots, and […]. Casino atlantic city with so many options to choose from, the question http://vagabonds.info/online-roulette-wheel-simulator.php becomes where do I go? There are many terrific casino destinations spread out all across […].

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Online casino scams roulette

Morgan Swank September 17, As long as casino games have existed, there have always been those online casino scams roulette want to find a way to beat them. Some have sought out guaranteed ways to win without actually Даже online casino no rules собственные the rules, but most approaches are simply one big scam. Some of these fraudsters have gone to great lengths to devise complicated cheats.

Incasinos in Ohio were invaded by a New York crime ring involved in a roulette scam. According to the Ohio Casino Control Commission, the group consisted online casino scams roulette roughly people who scoured the country ripping off United States casinos.

They secretly pocketed certain colored chips while another player distracted the dealer. The first player then excused himself from the table and secretly passed the chips to another member of the gang.

They were discovered after pulling the scheme in four different Ohio cities. Four men were arrested and pled guilty, but it is online casino scams roulette that more were involved and had fled before officials arrived.

How did they do it? With identity theft and unbelievable persistence. To pull off the grand scheme, online casino scams roulette brothers hired a computer hacker to pull data from credit systems and find people with excellent credit. They continued this scam for five years thanks to offset betting procedures and perfectly timed gambling schedules.

That way, they could make the gaming officials believe they were losing money while their associates won big on top microgaming casinos other side.

They then paid all outstanding markers, and their casino credit lines increased online casino scams roulette upward of a million dollars. It took six additional months for the FBI to figure out online casino scams roulette the scam had even taken place. By then it was too late, as they discovered the real Roselli brothers had actually died many years previously.

The true identity of the scammers is still unknown. Not all casino scams take place online casino scams roulette the betting tables. Sometimes, all you need is a debit card to steal thousands of dollars from the biggest casinos in the world.

The scam involved exploiting a gap in the kiosk security that allowed multiple unrecorded withdrawals within a second opportunity window. The ringleader, Ara Keshishyan, recruited a team to open multiple checking accounts from Citibank.

The group would then go to casinos all over Southern California and Las Vegas and use their Citibank cash http://vagabonds.info/free-slots-and-bingo.php kiosks to withdraw up to ten times the online casino scams roulette of money deposited into online casino scams roulette accounts using the one-minute security gap.

Once the money was collected at the cages, Ara would take a considerable cut from his co-conspirators, and the rest would be split to gamble among the team. They were comped for rooms, food, drink, and entertainment during their scheming and never had to pay for a single thing. Ultimately though, all this scheming did not pay online casino scams roulette. Ara was arrested and charged with 14 cases of bank fraud.

In the summer ofone of the greatest roulette scams took place at the Casino Deauville in France. It involved a radio amateur who was also a casino roulette dealerhis brother-in-law, and his beautiful sister. The dealer created a radio transmitter which fit perfectly into a pack of cigarettes. He also turned a weightless receiver into a roulette ball which he used at his table.

She always stood one table over to remain inconspicuous to officials on the floor. Casino officials caught wind online casino scams roulette what was happening and became suspicious. They investigated every possibility from a click here wheel to the accurate assumption that the dealer was corrupt. They отведи www century 21 близнецов weeks with experts but could find nothing out of the ordinary.

He made a move on her and was quickly turned down. Shortly thereafter, he began to notice her presence in a different light. He made the connection that she was always in the casino whenever the same person at the same roulette table consistently won large amounts of cash. He put these clues together, suspected radio interference was to blame, and had a debugging team sweep the floor.

Eventually, the team online casino scams roulette caught and arrested. They were able to beat the system by accepting the standard offer to click here the deck after the dealer shuffled the cards.

What made the scheme foolproof was that the same player had a tiny camera hidden in his cufflink to see the card values. That online casino scams roulette would then excuse himself to no deposit bonus 10bet the camera and information to another member of the gang.

They would return with winning hands every single time. They were later arrested for cheating in the Philippines, but they escaped shortly after and have been missing ever since. Online casino scams roulette playing stud poker, the Frenchman would mark symbols on card decks with invisible ink, while the Italian players wore special contact lenses to see the markings.

Suspicion was raised after the group returned with a second substantial winning streak in the same casino. Police were called to investigate, and they were able to find the symbols marked online casino scams roulette the cards which included a short online casino scams roulette to represent an ace and a cross to represent a king. It took a while longer to figure online casino scams roulette how the players were able to see the ink.

After ruling out the possibility of camera usage, they finally noticed each player sported contact lenses nobody had ever seen before. The players were caught and, despite the cool and sneaky nature of their scheme, faced a long jail sentence. Most trusted online casino, they got to keep the money. The group supposedly used laser scanners in their phones that were connected to a computer that predicted the numbers likely to win big in roulette.

Thus, the group was able to make calculations fast enough to place their bets before the ball made online casino scams roulette final rotation. Allegedly, championship poker player Phil Ivey Jr. They then memorize these imperfections and use them to identify the cards correctly in the future. Although it sounds like a fair tactic, edge sorting is frowned upon by most casino officials, especially the way Ivey did it.

Some had full diamonds while others were cut in half. This allowed Ivey to more easily identify the cards and make all the right bets. The Borgata has filed a lawsuit against Ivey over the scheme. He has denied any and all misconduct, online casino scams roulette this is the second edge-sorting lawsuit he has been dealt over his career. A man named Phuong Quoc Truong also known as Pai Gow John assembled a team of illegal card counters by traveling the US http://vagabonds.info/httponline-casino-com.php convincing dealers to cheat for him.

By the time he entered the grand free slots, he had 30 accomplices. To carry out the scam, the corrupt dealer would give the illusion of shuffling cards. Online casino scams roulette actuality, he would just put the corners together so the deck would make a shuffling noise while the cards remained in the same order.

Meanwhile, the main player would pretend to smoke a cigarette while whispering information about the dealt cards to an outside player via a microphone hidden in his sleeve. Once given his instructions, the smoker would then place his fingers on his cigarette in a certain way. This was a code to the other players that directed them to make their bets. The Sickwan Gaming Commission discovered Phuong and his online casino scams roulette though the security surveillance footage, and they were promptly arrested.

Many pled guilty and are currently serving time in prison. Poor Phuong actually had to give up two of his homes and a Porsche in addition to other luxuries. Although the casino has not officially revealed details about how the scheme was carried out, a Las Vegas casino consultant named Barron Stringfellow has deduced how it was accomplished.

He suspects that the player was wearing an earpiece online casino scams roulette playing at the VIP tables, while an accomplice surveyed the surveillance footage from a safe location inside or around the casino.

The accomplice then relayed what bets and plays to throw down for maximum profit. The only extra detail released about the case states that Когда online gambling with paypal потом VIP staff member responsible for looking after the gambler on the night of the heist has been dismissed. It is unknown, however, whether he was involved in the scam or not.

The Crown Casino is optimistic about recovering the money, but officials counter that the chances are nigh impossible. Morgan Swank is a professional joke writer, social media guru, and all-around list maker. She tried counting cards once. Follow her on Twitter MorganSwank. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our daily or weekly read more so you don't miss out on our latest lists.

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