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Council of the EU. There are five recognised candidates for future membership of the European Union: All except Albania and Macedonia have started accession negotiations. The accession criteria are included in the Copenhagen criteriaagreed inand the Treaty of Maastricht Article Article 49 of the Maastricht Treaty as amended says that any "European state" that respects the "principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and the rule of law", may apply to join the EU.

Whether a country is European or not is subject to political assessment by the EU institutions. Past enlargement has brought membership to twenty-eight members since the foundation of the European Union EU as the European Economic Community [8] by the Inner Six states in The three major western European countries that are not EU members, IcelandNorway and Switzerlandhave all submitted membership applications in the past, but subsequently froze them.

According to an Eastern Partnership strategy, the EU is unlikely to invite any more of its post-Soviet neighbours to join the bloc before The EU Commission has stated, in the document Enlargement Strategy and Main Challenges Octoberthat its enlargement minimum deposit 1 euro poker promotes opportunities for business and for citizens of prospective accessor states, and demonstrates the EU as a "global actor".

Turkey has a long-standing application with the EU, but their negotiations are expected to take until at least There are, however, other states in Europe which either seek membership or could potentially apply if their present foreign policy changes, or the EU gives a signal that they might now be included on the enlargement agenda.

However, these are not formally part of the current agenda, which is already delayed due minimum deposit 1 euro poker bilateral disputes in the Balkans and difficulty in fully implementing the acquis communautaire the accepted body of EU law. There are at minimum deposit 1 euro poker five "candidate countries", who have applied to the EU and been accepted in principle. While most of these countries have applied only recently, Turkey is a long-standing candidate, having applied in and gaining candidate status in Albania applied for EU membership on 28 April Following the same path as the recently admitted Central European click Mediterranean countries in andAlbania has been extensively engaged with EU institutions, and joined NATO as a go here member in It has also maintained its position as a stability factor and a strong ally of the European Union and the United States in the troubled and divided region of the Balkans.

After the application for EU membership was sent by the Albanian Government, on 16 November the Council of minimum deposit 1 euro poker European Union asked the European Commission EC to prepare an assessment concerning the readiness of the Republic of Albania to start accession negotiations, a process lasting about a year usually.

Albania returned the questionnaire's answers to the EC on 14 April On 10 Octoberthe European Commission evaluated Albania's compliance with the twelve key priorities that were defined in November as necessary to be met before the country could be approved as an EU candidate and start negotiations for accession. Of these, four were found to be met, while two were well in progress and the remaining six were in moderate progress. On 16 October the European Commission released its annual report which concluded that the Albanian election was held in an "orderly manner" and that progress had been made in meeting other conditions; as such it recommended granting Albania candidate status.

On 24 June the Council of the European Union agreed to grant Albania candidate status, [3] which was endorsed by the European Council a few days later. In Marchat the fifth "High Level Dialogue meeting" between Albania and EU, the EU Commissioner for Enlargement Johannes Hahn notified Albania the setting of a start date for accession negotiations to begin still required the following two conditions to be met: Albania is currently receiving EUR 1.

Macedonia applied to become an official candidate minimum deposit 1 euro poker 22 March On 9 Novemberthe European Commission recommended that it attain candidate status.

EU leaders agreed to this recommendation on 17 December, formally naming the country an official candidate. However, no starting date for negotiations has been announced yet. Peace is maintained with underlying ethnic tensions over Albanians in the west of the country, who achieved greater autonomy through the implementation of minimum deposit 1 euro poker Ohrid Accords. Unlike Serbia, Никто online roulette 10p stake забыла has maintained sovereignty over all its territory.

On 17 Decemberthe European Council welcomed and congratulated the country's achievements in implementing multiple reforms and agreements Copenhagen criteriaStabilisation and Association processOhrid Agreement. The country has a dispute over its name with its southern neighbour and current EU member Greece. Greece rejects the minimum deposit 1 euro poker "Macedonia" because it says it implies territorial ambitions towards Greece's own northern province of Macedonia minimum deposit 1 euro poker The resolution minimum deposit 1 euro poker the name issue has become a precondition for accession, [40] since Greece has repeatedly confirmed it would use its right to block accession without sito poker bonus senza deposito prior settlement.

The European Commission has recommended that Macedonia begin accession talks in three successive meetings since A solution for the see more naming dispute however moved considerably closer, when the Greek foreign minister on 4 October forwarded a draft for a memorandum of understanding MoU to settle the question. According to minimum deposit 1 euro poker EurActiv site, the proposal was answered positively by the Macedonian foreign minister on 8 November The Council was encouraged that progress on the latter dispute had recently been made minimum deposit 1 euro poker click to see more UN mediator.

In earlypolitical instability stemming from the Macedonian parliament's approval of its fiscal budget through an undemocratic procedure threatened to derail the country's request to start accession negotiations with the EU. However, the crisis was resolved when EU brokered a compromise between Macedonia's political parties on 1 March The decision whether or not to start accession negotiations will be made "on the basis of an update by the Commission on further implementation of reforms in the context of the High Level Accession Dialogue, including the implementation of the 1 March political agreement — and on tangible steps taken to promote good neighbourly relations — and to reach a negotiated and mutually accepted solution to the name issue".

The UN mediator, Matthew Nimetzinvited Greece and Macedonia to a new round of "name dispute" negotiations to begin on 26 March Macedonia is currently receiving EUR 1.

In the independence referendum of 21 Maythe Montenegrin people voted for Montenegro to leave the state union of Serbia and Montenegro and become an independent state. Montenegro unilaterally adopted the euro as its currency at its launch inhaving previously used the German mark.

On 22 Julya questionnaire to assess Montenegro's application was presented to the Montenegrin Government by the EC.

On 9 DecemberMontenegro delivered its answers to the EC questionnaire. On 9 Novemberthe European Commission recommended that the Council of the European Union grant Montenegro the status of candidate country. In Montenegro's population was overwhelmingly for joining the EU, Montenegro is currently receiving EUR mn of developmental aid until from the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistancea funding mechanism for EU candidate countries.

Negotiations on a Stabilisation and Association Agreement started in November Serbia bwin online casino made numerous concessions on this to achieve candidate status, such as allowing Kosovo to participate in regional forums, and jointly managing their border.

He was captured in Serbia on 26 Mayremoving the main obstacle for obtaining candidate status. As of Januarythe Serbian government has started to implement its obligations under the agreement unilaterally. Despite its setbacks in the political field, on 7 DecemberEU unfroze the trade agreement with Serbia. On 12 Octoberthe European Commission has recommended that Serbia should be granted an official EU candidate status following its successful application for the EU membership.

A deal was reached with Romania in late February over the rights of the 30, 'Vlachs' in Serbia, removing Romanian objections to candidacy. Candidacy status was granted by the European Council on 1 March In December the Council of the European Union approved opening negotiations on Serbia's accession in January[32] and the first Intergovernmental Conference was held on 21 January at the European Council in Brussels. Serbia is currently receiving EUR 2.

The status of Turkey with regard to the EU has become a matter of major significance and considerable controversy in recent years. Turkey was one of the founding members of the Council of Europe in and has been an "associate member" of the European Union and its predecessors sinceas a result of the EEC—Turkey Association Agreement Ankara Agreement that was signed on 12 September After a summit in Brussels on 17 December following the major enlargementthe European Council announced that membership negotiations with Turkey were officially opened on 3 October Minimum deposit 1 euro poker screening process which began on 20 October was completed on 18 October Turkey, with the seventh minimum deposit 1 euro poker economy in the Council of Europe and the fifteenth largest economy in the world[78] has been in a customs union with the EU since 31 December Turkey was a article source member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ina founding member of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in and was an associate member of the Western European Union from until its dissolution in Turkey is also a founding member of the G major economieswhich has close ties with the European Union.

Proponents of Turkey's membership argue that it is a key regional power [79] [80] with a large economy and the second largest military force of NATO [81] [82] that will enhance the EU's position as a global geostrategic player; given Turkey's geographic location and economic, political and cultural ties in minimum deposit 1 euro poker with that are in the immediate vicinity of the EU's geopolitical sphere minimum deposit 1 euro poker influence; such as the East Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts, the Balkan peninsula, the Middle Eastthe Caspian Sea basin and Central Asia.

According to Carl BildtSwedish foreign minister minimum deposit 1 euro poker, "[The accession of Turkey] would give the EU a decisive role for stability in the Eastern part http://vagabonds.info/free-online-slots-to-play.php the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, which is please click for source in the strategic interest of Europe.

In MayQueen Elizabeth II said during a visit to Turkey, that "Turkey is uniquely positioned as a bridge between the East and West at a crucial time for the European Union and the world in general. Opponents argue that Turkey does not respect the key principles that are expected in a liberal democracysuch as the freedom of expression ; [87] and because of the significant role of the army on the Turkish administrative foreground through the National Security Council ; whose military-dominated structure was reformed on 23 Julyin line with the requests from the EU.

Giscard d'Estaing has suggested that it would lead to demands for accession by Morocco. Morocco's application was already rejected on geographic grounds, and Turkey, unlike Morocco, has territory in Europe.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy then a candidate stated in January that "enlarging Europe with no limit risks destroying European political union, and that I do not accept I want to say that Europe must give itself borders, that not all countries have a vocation to become members of Europe, beginning with Turkey which has no place inside the European Union.

The vast majority of its population lives in the Asian side of the country. On the other hand, the country's largest city, Istanbullies mostly in Europe.

The population in the commonly defined as European part minimum deposit 1 euro poker Turkey is approximately ten link inhabitants, which is larger than Sweden, Austria, or 15 out of the 28 present EU members.

In addition, the EU already has a member state located entirely in Asia— Cyprus to the south east of Anatolia and part of Minimum deposit 1 euro poker continental shelf.

Turkish Minister for EU Affairs Egemen Bagis said in September that he believed prejudice by EU member states would ultimately prevent Turkey from ever joining the bloc, although he suggested it could have a "very closely aligned" relationship with the EU akin to Norway. Another concern is the Cyprus dispute. The northern third of the island of Cyprus is considered by the EU and most states in the world to be part of the Republic of Cyprusan EU member state, but is de facto controlled by the government of Northern Cypruswhich is recognised by Http://vagabonds.info/casino-italiano-con-bonus-senza-deposito.php. Turkey, for its part, does not recognise the Republic of Cyprus pending a resolution to the dispute under the auspices of the United Nations, and has 40, troops stationed on territory controlled by the Northern Cypriot government.

Separate referendums held in April produced different results october new online casinos 2015 either side of the island: Turkey is currently receiving EUR 9. Turkish accession talks came to an effective halt as a result of the —17 Turkish minimum deposit 1 euro poker. The EU's relations with the Western Balkans states were moved from the " External Relations " to the " Minimum deposit 1 euro poker " policy segment in Those states which have not been recognised as candidate countries are considered "potential candidate countries".

On 9 Novemberthe European Commission suggested in a strategy paper that the enlargement agenda of the time Croatia, Online 888 com and the Western Balkans could potentially block the possibility of a future accession of ArmeniaAzerbaijanBelarusGeorgiaMoldovaand Ukraine. Bosnia and Herzegovina applied for membership of the EU on 15 February Negotiations on a Stabilisation and Association Agreement SAA — required before applying for membership — started in and were originally expected to be finalised in late The SAA was initialled on 4 Decemberand, following the adoption of the police reforms in Aprilwas signed on 16 June The obligations to be met by Bosnia before the SAA can come into force include the adoption minimum deposit 1 euro poker a law on state aids no deposit free bonus casino games a national censusand implementation of the Finci and Sejdic ruling of the ECHR requiring an amendment to the Constitution to allow members of minorities to be elected to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and to gain seats in the House of Peoples.

The EU has also required that the country create a single unified body to manage their relations with the EU. Bosnia and Herzegovina is currently receiving EUR mn of click here aid until from the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistancea funding mechanism for EU candidate countries. As of July [update]5 of the 28 member states do not recognise the Republic of Kosovo as an independent state.

It is an association process specially devised to promote policy dialogue between click here EU and the Kosovan authorities on EU approximation matters.

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