London Pass v. Travelcard v. Oyster card? | Europe Forum | Fodor's Travel Talk Forums How to exchange your dormant TfL Oyster card for a Regular Oyster cards currently have a £ deposit. The visitor Oyster card has a Leftover Currency.

5 pound deposit on oyster card

The Oyster card is a form of electronic ticket used on public transport in Greater London in the United Kingdom. A standard Oyster card is a blue credit-card-sized stored-value contactless smartcard that can hold single tickets, period tickets and travel permits, which must be added to the 5 pound deposit on oyster card before travel.

Passengers touch it on an electronic reader when entering and leaving the transport system in order to validate it or deduct funds. Cards may be "topped-up" by recurring payment authorityby online purchaseat credit card terminals or by cashthe last two methods at stations or ticket offices. The card is designed to reduce the number of transactions at ticket offices and the number of paper tickets.

Usage is encouraged by offering substantially cheaper fares than with cash [2] though the acceptance of cash is being phased out. On London buses, cash is no article source accepted. The card was first issued to the public on 30 5 pound deposit on oyster card[3] with a limited range of features and there continues to be a phased introduction of further functions.

As part of TfL's "Future Ticketing Programme" the Oyster card platform more info due to be replaced [5] or supplemented by contactless payment card systems such as contactless credit and debit cards. The first stage of this was completed in June In AugustTfL decided to exercise a break option in the contract to terminate it infive years early.

This followed a number of technical failures. The Oyster name was agreed on after a lengthy period of research managed by TranSys and agreed by TfL.

Two other names were considered [12] and "Oyster" was chosen as a fresh approach that was not directly linked to transport, ticketing or London. Other proposed names were "Pulse" and "Gem". According to Andrew McCrum, now of Appella brand name consultants, who was brought in to find a name by Saatchi and Saatchi Design contracted by TranSysOyster was conceived and promoted because of the metaphorical implications of security and value in the component meanings of the hard bivalve shell and the concealed pearl, the association of London and the River Thames with oystersand the well-known travel-related idiom " the world is your 5 pound deposit on oyster card ".

The intellectual property rights to the Oyster brand originally belonged to TranSys. Oyster readers can also read other types of cards including Cubic Transportation Systems' Go cards.

MIFARE Classic chips, on which the original Oyster card was based, are hard-wired logic smartcards, meaning that they have limited computing power designed for a 5 pound deposit on oyster card task.

The readers read information from the cards, calculate whether to allow 5 pound deposit on oyster card, assess any fare payable and write back information to the card. While it has been suggested that a good reader could read personal details from a distance, there 5 pound deposit on oyster card been no evidence of anyone being able to decrypt Oyster information.

By design the cards do not carry any personal information. Aluminium shielding has been suggested to prevent any personal data from being read. Oyster uses a distributed settlement framework. All transactions are settled between the card and reader alone. Readers transmit the transactions to the back office in batches but there is no need for this to be done in real time. The back office acts mainly as a record of transactions that have been completed between cards and readers.

This provides a high degree of resilience. Ina fashion caught on for removing the RFID chip from Oyster cards and attaching it to wrist watches and bracelets.

This allowed commuters to pass through the gates by "swiping" their hand without the need to take out a proper card. Although the RFID chips were charged in the normal way and no fare evasion was involved, TfL disapproved of 5 pound deposit on oyster card practice and threatened to fine anyone 5 pound deposit on oyster card carrying a full undamaged card, [18] although it is not clear what the actual offence would be, were a case to be brought.

The Oyster system is based on a closed, proprietary architecture from Cubic Transportation Systems. The card readers were developed entirely by Cubic, whereas development of the back office systems was started by Fujitsu and completed by Cubic. The system has the capability to interface with equipment or services provided by other suppliers. The Oyster website is not part of the closed system but interfaces with it. Similarly, Oyster readers are now embedded into ticket machines produced by Shere and Scheidt and Bachmann on the national rail network.

In earlyTfL and Deloitte worked to migrate the on-line payment systems to a more open architecture, using a number of open source components such as Linuxto resolve issues of lock-in costs, updates, incorporation of new security standards of PCI DSSnon-scalability, low and inconsistent quality of service, and slower response time to business changes. Oyster cards can be registered or protected for loss or theft. Registration enables the customer to buy any product for the card and to have an after-sales service, and it protects against theft or loss.

The customer has to supply a Security Answer: All adult Oyster cards purchased online or by phone are 5 pound deposit on oyster card registered. This does not include Visitor Oyster cards. Oyster cards obtained at stations or shops cannot be fully registered online.

However, cards can http://vagabonds.info/poker-online-minimo-deposito-5-euro.php protected online by setting up an Oyster online account and linking the card to that account.

This allows for a full protection against theft or loss, but the Oyster card will be able to hold only 7-day season tickets and pay-as-you-go. Visitor Oyster cards can be obtained from Visit Britain outlets around the world, and from other transport operators, such as EasyJet and Gatwick Expressand online and from any ticket office. However, these limited-functionality крайней european casino industry report 2015 пригласил cannot be registered.

Any remaining credit on the card is free casino sites online as well. A registration form can be obtained at or after the time of purchase, which if not completed restricts the Oyster card to Pay-as-you-go and weekly tickets.

Ticket vending machines on most National Rail stations will top-up Oyster cards and sell tickets that can be loaded on to Oyster. New Oyster cards are not available at most National Rail stations and termini. Touch-screen ticket machines report the last eight journeys and last top-up amount. The same information is available as a print-out from ticket offices, and also on board London Buses by request.

The balance is displayed on some Underground barriers at the end of journeys that have caused a debit from the balance, and can also be requested at newsagents and National Rail stations that provide a top-up facility. A complete 8-week 'touch' history can be requested from TfL: Oyster online also displays up to 8 weeks of journey 5 pound deposit on oyster card. Travellers touch the card on a distinctive yellow circular reader a Tri-Reader, developed by Cubic Transportation Systems on the automated barriers at London Underground stations to 'touch in' and 'touch out' at the start and end of a journey.

Physical contact is not necessary, but the range of the reader is only a few millimeters. Such a step is not needed if transferring between trains within a station unless they are run by different operators. Oyster cards can be used to store season tickets of 5 pound deposit on oyster card travelcards and bus passes of one week or moreand a Pay-as-you-go balance. An Oyster card can hold up to three season tickets at the same time.

There click to see more no essential difference 5 pound deposit on oyster card validity or cost between a 7-day, monthly read more longer period Travelcard on Oyster and one on a traditional paper ticket; they are valid on all Underground, Overground, DLR, bus, tram and national rail services within the 5 pound deposit on oyster card purchased.

See the main article for a fuller explanation of Travelcards. Trams 5 pound deposit on oyster card also be used if the travelcard includes Zones 3, 4, 5 or 6. As long as the Travelcard holder stays within their permitted zones no fare will be deducted from the wat is een bank deposit funds on the card.

The Oyster system checks that the Travelcard is valid in the zones it is being used in. If users travel outside the valid zones of their Travelcard but within Oyster payment zonesany remaining fare due may be deducted from their pay-as-you-go funds see below for how this is calculated. Oyster card Travelcards can be renewed at the normal sales points and ticket machines at London Underground or 5 pound deposit on oyster card Overground stations, Oyster Ticket Stop agents, or some National Rail stations.

Travelcards can also 5 pound deposit on oyster card renewed online via the Oystercard website, or by telephone sales from TfL; users must then nominate a Tube or overground station where they will tap their card in order to charge the card with the funds or season ticket purchased.

There are further restrictions on when an online purchase can be "collected" by tapping in at a station, after the date of online purchase Travelcard: For more Travelcard renewal information, see the section on Recharging in this article. Travelcard renewals cannot be added by a reader on a bus. In addition to holding Travelcards and bus passes, Oyster cards can also casinos america used as stored-value cardsholding electronic funds of money.

Amounts are deducted from the card each time it is used, and the funds can be "recharged" when required. This system is known as "pay as you go" abbreviated PAYGbecause instead of holding a season ticket, the user only pays at click at this page point of use. When Oyster cards were introduced, the PAYG system was initially named "pre pay", and this name is still sometimes used by National Rail.

TfL officially refers to the system as "pay as you go" in all publicity. Click here validity of PAYG has a more complex history as it has only been gradually accepted by transport operators independent of TfL. Additionally, the use of PAYG differs across the various modes of transport in London, and passengers are sometimes required to follow different procedures to pay for their journey correctly.

It is possible to please click for source a negative pay-as-you-go balance after completing a journey, but this will prevent the card from being used even if it is loaded with a valid Travelcard until the card is topped up.

InTfL introduced a new type of Oyster card validator, distinguished from the standard yellow validators by having a pink-coloured reader. They do not deduct funds, but are used at peripheral interchange points to confirm journey details. Oyster pay-as-you-go users travelling between two points without passing through Zone 1 are eligible for a lower fare, and from 6 September can confirm their route by touching their Oyster cards on the pink validators when they change trains, allowing them to be charged the appropriate fare without paying for Zone 1 travel.

The pink validators are located at 15 interchange stations. Oyster card pay-as-you-go users must "touch 5 pound deposit on oyster card at the start of a journey by London Underground or DLR, and "touch out" again at the end.

The Oyster card readers automatically calculate the correct fare based on the start and end points of the journey and deduct that fare 5 pound deposit on oyster card the Oyster card. Pay-as-you-go funds are also used to cover any additional fares due from season ticket holders who have travelled outside the valid zones of their season ticket see Travelcards above.

Passengers enter or exit most London Underground stations through ticket barriers which are operated by scanning an Oyster card or inserting a valid ticket. Some tube stations such as those at National Rail interchanges and DLR stations have standalone validators with no barriers. In both instances, pay-as-you-go users are required to touch мимо diamond reels online casino тех and out.

London Overground services are operated by TfL and Oyster pay-as-you-go users use their cards in the same way as on Underground journeys, touching their card on a card reader at the entry and exit points of their journey to calculate the fare due. Users must touch the Oyster card only once at the point of boarding: As London buses do not accept 5 pound deposit on oyster card payments, TfL introduced a "one more journey" policy on Oyster cards.

Doing so may result in a negative balance, but the card can be topped up at a later date. Some London bus routes cross outside the Greater London boundary before reaching their terminus.

Pay-as-you-go users are permitted to travel the full length of these route on buses operated as part of the London Bus network, even to destinations some distance outside Greater London. Albans via Potters Bar no longer has any Oyster or contactless payment card validity on any part of the route; only cash fares are valid. The buses are still red-liveried, but the destination displays are dot-matrix rather than TfL blinds, and there are no TfL roundels on the bus.

London's trams operate on the same fare structure as buses; the rules are similar, and users with pre-pay must touch the Oyster card only once at the point of boarding.

5 pound deposit on oyster card public transport - Is it possible to get an Oyster card refund online? - Travel Stack Exchange

Nearly one million cards are issued every month and nearly a quarter are returned for a refund. Many of these returned cards were only issued a few days beforehand. This is a new policy as ofthey will only give you a partial refund of the deposit so your information is correct. But the TFL website doesn't say anything about the new policy.

You get this back if you decide you no longer want it and return the card to us. Sadly all that demonstrates is how poor this new tfl website is. The new refund rule is in place. I'd like to know how to get the transit staff to apply this rule. Over the past year, I tried to get refunds for my Oyster cards only to be told they don't give them anymore. Various members of our family had the same issue. I am curious 5 pound deposit on oyster card see if others on this forum have been able to get refunds over the past 6 months.

You can get refunds for the amount of money left on it but I have been unable to get the deposit refund. Pretty sure when I got about 40p back I was turning in several I'd accumulated I overspent, so my fare came off the deposit, so I got back about 40p. Maybe thats what happened to you? Hmmm, didn't think of that.

I didn't ask for visitor cards and when I bought my daughter a card who lives in London and provided a London free casino game for mobile phone to register her card for a month of use, it seemed that we wouldn't be buying visitor cards. I thought visitor cards were the cards you bought in advance usually through websites or shops, not at the stations, especially stations that are not in central London. Then maybe my thought is correct?

Can anyone verify that? All of your saved places can be found 5 pound deposit on oyster card in My Trips. Browse forums All Browse by systems online roulette do work. Save Topic Oyster deposit refund: Travelers interested in this topic also viewed See casino online cash hotels in London.

See All London Conversations. Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London. Park Grand London Lancaster Gate. DoubleTree by Hilton London - Westminster. DoubleTree by Hilton London Greenwich. Mondrian London at Sea Containers. All hotels in London Top questions about London.

What can I do in London on a budget? FortySixAnd2 2, forum posts. Gilliganuk 6, forum posts. LauraRW 20, forum posts. TravellerPlus 56, forum posts. Online casino internet banking who are knowledgeable about this destination and volunteer their 5 pound deposit on oyster card to answer travelers' questions.

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Do we really want 5 pound deposit on oyster card refresh on calendar display?

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